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£20 Fairy and Elf Photo Shoots 
Limited Availability

Fabulous Fairy and Elf photo shoots just £20.

For children aged between 3 -11 years old. Can include up to 3 children for just £20.
Younger children can be included in some of the photographs

Welcome To Our Enchanted Forest! This is more than a portrait session, this is an exciting magical experience your children will not forget. (Up to 3 children aged between 3  and 11 years old).

Our next photo shoot
SUNDAY 2nd February  2020

Our Enchanted Forest is a place where children will enter into a very magical journey! This wonderful journey is something every child will love! Once you set up an appointment, the magic begins!
This special magic will embrace your child with the arrival of a very special message from our fairies and elves to them!. Your "little one" will come to our very magical place and meet our fairies and elves who live in our Enchanted Forest!
They will enter this special garden and play! While your children play, we  will create very special portraits! When all is done, they will return home with images of fairies and elves dancing in their heads!
They will also be given a very special gift - their very own fairy dust to take care of! You will love our stunning, beautifully designed costumes and life-sized set created by masters from the movie industry!

Your little fairy or elf will enter into a dreamy, mystical world and become engulfed in a wonderful adventure! Watch Your Letter Box! A very special invitation will be sent to your child asking them to please help us find our missing fairy dust! Our fairies and elves will be ever so grateful they helped!
Oh My! Inside the envelope your child will find their very own magical key that will let them enter the enchanted garden!
 Now The Fun Begins! When you arrive, your child will be turned into a fairy or elf! They can choose their favourite fairy or elf outfit. They will get their own special wings and have a beautiful garland placed on their head. As they enter the enchanted forest, magical calming music and sounds will waft through the air! Only fairies can hear the giggles and whispers from the little pixies and their forest friends.
 This is where playtime begins! Your children will be asked to please help the fairies and elves find their missing fairy dust! I will be capturing their expressions and poses as they search the garden. They can dip their toes in the magical water and play on the giant toadstool! Your children will be so delighted! Much to their surprise! Once they find the fairy dust, our grateful elves and fairies will give it to them to take home!
 The Following Week You will be invited back to see the wonderful images of your children that will be displayed in our viewing lounge. You will see our products including wall portraits with genuine clear Swarovski Crystal and their very own personalised story book, complete with your favourite images!
 Let The Magic Begin This magical, enchanting adventure will last with your children forever! This is a once in a lifetime experience every child should have! Their eyes will be filled with wonder, their giggles will fill the air, and you will be so very glad you gave them this very special gift!
 This fantastic experience is normally £49, but as a special offer it is offered at just £20 including an 8" x 6" photograph of your choice. But hurry as there is very limited availability and spaces are going fast.
 Remember this offer is open for up to three children between 3 and 11 year's old. To learn more about our very enchanted place  please call us on 01795 426856 or check our availability and book below.

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